It's satisfied with a this place gourmet Satoyama "Shishi-nabe"!


Ishioka-shi where shipment of wild boar meat is permitted only in Ibaraki-ken. This area was the area where damage to agricultural produce by a wild boar is more serious than before, and a game friend meeting in a prefecture was doing an extermination every year. Whether the wild boar can be used for town promotion, the this place gourmet who cooperates with Ishioka-shi Yasato chamber of commerce and industry and has completed Shishi-nabe". The taste the toughness is left a little for the brawn which was eaten as a source of protein more valuable than the Jomon period and grew up free from all cares by the natural inside in the old days for brawn, but there is little fat and which is healthy and light. There is also a store through a year, but an offer store is increased between (November-March) during the hunting season decided every year, and Shishi-nabe map does from Yasato chamber of commerce and industry, does, gathered the store where a pot is eaten and does, and is also issued.

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