Usa no Karaage


A place by the origination, well! A speciality store, all, in a row, "town of an empty rise"

Usa no Karaage

Oita-ken is the area where the consumption of the chicken is best of Japan. Though Usa-shi and Nakatsu-shi are also only 50,000 people of population at the inside, a food fried without coat speciality store is also "empty rise closely contested constituency" which crowd near 50 stores in the respective cities. The inside, a place by the origination in a rise speciality store is an originator of a rise from "Usa-shi, Oita", a historical origin and Oita. In the city, than a convenience store, it's given and says that there are a lot of numerical ways to the speciality store. Its taste is seasoned based on soy sauce, salt, garlic and ginger, and "freshly it raised, even if it cools of course, delicacy" is a motto. The group formed by a staff volunteer in Usa city office "empty rise expedition team" is changing "USA, from☆ Usa, rise U.S." and the name, is making empty rise MAP and is working on activation in the town.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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