Stamina Ramen


Mixture of sweet-and-hot あん(sauce) and thick noodle, the power source for the people in Mito!

Stamina Ramen

Mito city in Ibaraki has a deep affinity with ramen, including the fact that Mito Mitsukuni, the lord of Mito Domain, was the first one to have eaten ramen in Japan. The biggest feature of Mito Stamina Ramen which was born in Mito city is its soy sauce-based sweet-and-hot あん and thick noodle. Pumpkin and lever quick-fried and cooked, and sweet-and-hot あん(sauce) is made, and they are put on the top of the thick noodle. This is the soul food of the people of Mito city. Invented by Mr. Nagai Junichi, the first ramen was the popular one in front of Katsuta Sta. In Hitachinaka city.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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