A traditional taste of Anonoyaki, cooked dynamically by a experienced chef.


"Agonoyaki" is grilled flying fish (ago) pasted wrapped on skewers. The fish paste is seasoned with "Jidenshu" a traditional local sake from Izumo Area and other seasonings, and wrapped around an iron skewer, then grilled over charcoals. Agonoyaki is quite big - about 7 to 8cm in diameter, 70cm in length and weighs 1.5kg. The outside has an aroma from charcoals, and the grilled paste has a juicy and tasty with an aroma of the sake. Agonoyaki is available all year around today as it could be kept frozen and grilled, however, Agonoyaki made when flying fish is in season is of course superb. The best way to eat Agonoyaki recommended by the locals is to tear and eat freshly grilled one.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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