Sado Nishime


Nishime oden style is indispensable menu for the cerebration in Sado

Sado Nishime

A Typical traditional food cooked in all the families in Sado is called Sado Nishime. It is a regional cuisine which ingredients such as Tofu, Konbu, carrots, taro, Konjak and fish cakes are simmered in Oden style. Ingredients are simmered in Ainame and the Japanese flying fish stock, and are cooked many times until the liquid is all gone, and tastes is well absorbed inside of all the ingredients. Sado Nishime is normally cooked with vegetables grown in each family farm and is cooked for special occasions. In front of local supermarkets, many ingredients for Sado Nishime such as Kobu Maki and grilled tofu are displayed in the end of the year, to prepare for the new year celebration.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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