A staple dish of delicacies from the mountains in spring.


Spring comes to the Kinan Area in the late March, and it is also the beginning of the season for sansai picking. Along with bamboo shoots and warabizenmai, itadori is one of the staple sansai to be picked up. They are not only the seasonal delicacies to be enjoyed, but also salted and used as a preserved food be enjoyed all year round. They can be simmered and flavored, or used for aemono and kakimaze.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Salted itadori
  • Sesame seed oilas needed

[ Sugar and shoyu to taste ]

  • sugaras needed
  • shoyuas needed
Unsalt itadori
Flavor with sugar and shoyu, put on a plate or bowl, sprinkle with sesame seeds (oil?)
* How to preserve Itadori: Quickly put into boiled water, peel, and sprinkle salt. Leave it until wilted, drain well and freeze.

Information provided by : 和歌山県 農林水産部 農業生産局 果樹園芸課


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