The economical dish which covered a slip of sashimi with tofu refuse


Sashimi mixing okrara was began to be called ‘Kirasumeshi' . There is a person who refers as "Okarameshi" and "Okaramabushi", too. It was a custom from the former feudal domain age to make the dish which covered tofu refuse with a body of fish at the Gion Festival in the Usuki area. Usuki feudal clan often falls into a serious financial difficulty, the, a degree, a thrift ordinance was taken out and food was also regulated. Kirasumameshi using a slip of sashimi is economical cooking, but it's also nutritious and good.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

  • Fish, (, act SHIBI, bonito, mackerel and yellow tail, etc.)200g
  • okara150g
  • Soy saucethe degree with which fish is flooded.
  • Sugara little.
  • Leek or crown daisy20g
  • A Kabosuproper amount.
I filet fish in 3, cut it into the size of the sashimi degree and add a day at 30 minute in the soy sauce.
Okara is often mixed until a stickiness goes out, and fish and the leek I minced or crown daisy are added and mixed.
※ It's the trick to mix just before eating.
I pour Kabosu citrus over it and eat.

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