Tsu Dumplings


More than 15cm of diameter! A delicious crispy and juicy dish

Tsu Dumplings

This is a dish of deep fried dumplings made of minced meat wrapped in skins over 15cm large in diameters. The educational board of Tsu city invented this dish in order to serve it in school meals and satisfy the students with one dumpling each. It has been served in school meals since 1985, and its unforgettable appearance, crispy skin and the juicy meat became an extremely popular menu among the children. Later it became famous as a local delicacy, and now orginal “Tsu dumplings” are served in restaurants within the city. In 2010 “Tsu Dumplings Association” was founded, which promotes the city together with “tsusumin”, the original character of Tsu dumplings.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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