Sabano Heshiko


Nukaduke (pickles) made with mackerels, a tasty side dish for rice

Sabano Heshiko

Heshiko is a traditional nukazuke (pickled in nuka) from Wakasa area made with fish. When the mackerels are in season in spring, eat them in the late autumn. Since many people in this area think a meal will not finish without eating fish, grilled heshiko has become a staple dish in winter when fish is out of season. The smell of grilled nuka gives appetite. In Tajima and Yashiro area, when there is a big catch of fish, female divers bring the fish on 2-wheel-cart and pickle them. 

Recipi of cuisin

  • Harusaba150
  • salt30kg
  • nukaabout 18L
Cut up saba from the back side, gut and clean them. Take off eyes so that salt will soak through.
Place saba in taru (a container) with the backside down, top with the half portion of the salt, and pickle them for about a week. Keep the water from the fish.
Stuff salt and nuka in the belly of saba, put them back into taru. Top with salt and nuka to pickle. Cover with nuka, and salt on top of nuka.
Coat inside the taru with wara as a rid, and place a weight of at least 37kg on top. Pour the salt water from the fish (from recipe #1).

Information provided by : Division of Food industry promoion, Forestry and fishery, Fukui Prefecture


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