Matsuyama Su (Moburi Su)


A chirashi sushi with plenty of seafood from the Setonaikai Sea

Matsuyama Su (Moburi Su)

There is a custom in Matsuyama to make chirashi sushi for celebrations and welcoming guests. To mix is called ‘moburu’ in the local dialect, and it is also called “moburi sushi (meshi)”. A little sweet blended vinegar with だしmade from small fish caught in the Setonaikai Sea such as eso (lizardfish) or torahaze is the characteristics of Matsuyama sushi. Conger-eel cut in small pieces and seasonal vegetables are mixed in the vinegar rice with strips of thin omelet and plenty of seasonal small fish on top. Matsuyama sushi, a dish with a condensed taste of local fish, continues to be popular as the representative cuisine of Matsuyama.

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