Plump eel grown in the warm climate and abundant water of Shizuoka served in a 'ju' box


Shizuoka is one of the leading producers of domestically grown unagi eel. Lake Hamana-ko and the Tenryu river system, and the Yoshida and Haibara areas supplied by the Oi river system are blessed with abundant water resources. This combined with fishing ports that dot the coast providing ample fish scraps for use as feed laid the foundation for the eel farming industry to flourish. Eel is rich in vitamins and collagen, and while the flesh is plump and fatty, it is low in calories, making it especially popular among women. The best way to eat eel is; on a bed of rice and covered in a glossy sauce and served in a ‘ju’ box. Old stores line the streets of Shizuoka to the delight of locals and tourists alike.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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