Homemade konnyaku


The home health food which can enjoy the food texture and the flavor

Homemade konnyaku

Production of a konnyaku potato is popular in Tochigi-ken, and homemade konnyaku is made from the autumn when Ikudama is built to spring. The konnyaku is necessary to a dish of a ceremonial occasion, and is called the sand lowering of a stomach from the past, and it's a food highly regarded by the health side.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Konnyaku Ikudama500g

[ Lye ]

  • Slaked lime4-5g (0.8-1% in Ikudama)
  • Lukewarm water100-200㎖
  • Water2-2.5ℓ
Often it's washed and a sprout is drilled so that leather in Ikudama of konnyaku may be dropped.
※ When Ikudama is handled by a bare hand, it becomes itchy, so gloves are put.
Ikudama is grated and it's left for about 1 hour in water 2ℓ. (To do while putting a grater in the water.)
Top water is thrown away, it's put in a pot and it's put over a fire, and beats, takes it down from the fire and dampens in 60-70 ℃ until it becomes semitransparent.
Lye (lye) is made with slaked lime and lukewarm water.
They're quick until lye of(4) is added while often beating(3), and the whole is being gathered.
It's poured into a bat, the style is made and it's left for about 20 minutes.
It's cut into the suitable size, by boiling water, 20-30 minutes, it's boiled.
It's soaked in cold water and harshness is removed. 2-3 time water is changed.
※ If it can be skimmed, I cut it and make sashimi thin.
※(2) may be grated using a blender.

Information provided by : "A dish of the hometown I'd like to hand down to a child and my grandchild and, CHIGI" issue Tochigi-ken agriculture person conversazione

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