Kawara Soba


A representative noodle of Shimonoseki, born from ideas of old time soldiers

Kawara Soba

Kawara soba is a local cuisine of Toyouracho, Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi prefecture, and is spreading among the hotels of Kawatana Onsen. It is said that the hints were obtained from the time when during the Seinan war, soldiers of Satsuma who surrounded the Kumamoto castle used kawara (stone roof tiles) to cook wild plants and meat. Soba noodles and meat are fried together, and dipped into a special sauce when eating it. The authentic way of cooking it is to use a kawara, but in normal households hotplates or pans are used casually. Grated red radish and pepper, or thinly shredded omelets will add some colors to the dish.

Information provided by : Yamaguchi Institute Prefectural Tourism Federation

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