Tantan fried noodles in Yugawara


This spicy one was born in a hot spring city

Tantan fried noodles in Yugawara

This fried noodle is special with spicy sauce of sesame paste and broad bean chili paste. There are several kinds; “Yugawara Citrus” with locally raised lemons or Kiyomi Oranges as a secret seasoning or “Onsen Tamago (egg slow-boiled so that the yolk is hard but the white is still soft)” expressing that Yugawara as a Onsen (hot spring) place. There are even more kinds of “Onsen Tamago” with coddled eggs, boiled eggs and sunny-side-up eggs. There is a folk tale that a wounded raccoon dog found a hot spring in Yugawara.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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