The simple dish which dished up big red snapper in a large plate


Because if red snapper will be a brace, I decide a nest and live there together, and it's said that they decides and doesn't get away, the wish I don't divorce is included among the red snapper noodles taken out on a seat of a bridal. Further, it's said that a bridal is "meeting" of the first time of both families in the Himeshima area, both families are longer-term with long noodles, an affiliation, there is also an implication I wish. The child's first Doll's Festival of "the first standard" "First BI." and the "crucian carp lowering" by which a fisherman makes a new ship be launched as well as a bridal are stood at the various congratulatory seats.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Red snapper1
  • Place powder500g
  • Weak flour500g
  • Water500cc
  • Dryness mushroomsuitable.
  • Seaweedsuitable.
  • Sakeproper amount
  • Saltproper amount
  • Koikuchi soy sauceproper amount
  • Usukuchi soy sauceproper amount
The soup stock is passed to a cauldron with dry mushroom and seaweed and the taste is arranged by the seasoning.
Having within is taken for a scale of red snapper, salty taste is done and it's put a little.
I cover red snapper with bleached cloth, bet boiling water and make it marbled.
Red snapper is wrapped in bleached cloth and it's put in soup stock quietly so that a body doesn't collapse, and it's boiled until it's cooked.
It's often kneaded while mixing place powder and weak flour fifty-fifty and adding water a little. I share with 4 or 5 and sit down on a noodle-making machine.
To build to sit down on a noodle-making machine at first up. I fold the birthplace left and sit down on a noodle-making machine many times.
4-5 times, when I call, it becomes smooth. This is cut into the suitable length.
Dough is cut into rather thin noodles to a noodle-making machine.
It's boiled for enough hot water and if it blows out, points and does water. It's tried 1 bottle and boiling is confirmed.
Boiled noodles are often washed with running water and each for one person is gathered.
Cooked red snapper is taken out from a pot, and it's dished up in a large plate so as not to turn to a dissipated way of life.
The taste of the back broth which took red snapper out is arranged thick and it's boiled including noodles. Of red snapper, it's good, I make them sink in.
If noodles are also dished up in a dish with red snapper, and soup stock is poured over it, it'll be completed.
※ After announcing it, noodles are put in a bowl, a body of red snapper is given a ride and soup stock is poured over it. Even pear of condiments is good.

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