Iwate Iso Ramen


Distinct flavours of the ocean - ramen noodles with salt based soup, topped with plenty of seafood

Iwate Iso Ramen

Iwate Iso Ramen is a bowl of noodles topped with fresh seafood and seaweed. The bowl is full of rich flavours of the ocean, yet is served at a reasonable price. Each restaurant has their own varieties, but big scallops, and fresh seaweed such as wakame, funori, and matsumo are the popular toppings for the bowl. The broth for the soup, which goes perfectly well with the fresh seafood toppings, is mainly prepared with kombu seaweed and dried bonito flakes. When poured onto salt based sauce, the broth makes a very mild soup, with a pleasant aroma of the sea. The rich and refreshing taste of the ramen, full of ingredients from the local ocean, will surely fill your stomach and heart with warmth.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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