Ajigasawa Chicken Stick


A local favourite in Ajigasawa Town

Ajigasawa Chicken Stick

A piece of thinly-pounded chicken on a stick deep-fried till crispy - this is a very popular snack among the locals in Ajigasawa Town, a central area in Nishi Tsugaru District, where the world heritage Shirakami mountain range is located. The delight is that each order is freshly cooked so that the customers can bite into the stick hot and crisp right out of the kitchen. If you would like, you can have it topped with extra appetising mayonnaise. Delicious meat juice comes out with each bite of the satisfying palm-sized chicken. Several stores in town are serving this snack for about 150 yen. Because of this reasonable price, it has been a common scene in Ajigasawa to see young students enjoying the chicken stick. 

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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