Iwatsuki Negi salt yakisoba


Salt Yakisoba featuring sweet and tender Iwatsuki Negi (leek)

Iwatsuki Negi salt yakisoba

Iwatsuki Negi (Iwatsuki leek) is a traditional vegetable which has been loved since Edo era (1603-1868). It is rich in vitamins and also the top green part can be eaten unlike some other leeks. It is a high quality Negi (leek) with very aromatic, sweet and soft taste, but it is very hard to come by in other markets because of the limited production. Iwatsuki has developed this new menu to let people know how wonderful this traditional vegetable is. “Iwatsuki Negi salt yakisoba” has Iwatsuki Negi as a main ingredient, it also has national grown pork and other vegetables. The main ingredient of this dish is Iwatsuki Negi, that is why it is seasoned with salt which brings out the sweetness and aroma of the Iwatsuki Negi.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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