Takasago Nikuten


Special kind of okonomiyaki from Takasago City made with potatoes that fill you up

Takasago Nikuten

"Nikuten" is a unique kind of okonomiyaki born in Takasago City. The ingredients of nikuten are flavored potatoes, suji, and konnyaku, which are usually cooked in oden. It was originally made by a request of some customer at a restaurant, and it has been made into the recent style. The way Takasagonikuten is cooked is unique from the usual okonomiyaki such as "Osaka style" which is done by mixing the batter and all the ingredients first and pan-fried, or "Hiroshima style" which is done by pan-frying the batter first and putting other ingredients on top of batter. Takasagonikuten is cooked by pan-frying the batter first, putting the ingredients on top of batter, and folding in half, or putting more batter and ingredients to make it like a sandwich, which makes Takasagonikuten a filling dish.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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