Tamageta Bento


So tasty you would be surprised! A specialty of Tamano city using “geta”

Tamageta Bento

Shitabirame (sole fish) is called “geta” in Okayama dialect. “Tamageta bento” uses fresh “geta” from the Setonaikai Sea. The flesh and bones of geta are minced, seasoned with a sweet and salty taste, put on top of rice as “soboro”, and is made into a bento (lunch box). The word “tamageta” comes from the city “Tamano city” and the fish “geta”. The name “Tamano city” derives from the Tama area, which was the central area for population and economy of Hibicho, and Unocho, when two towns annexed.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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