Shibetsu Sake Sandai Zuke Don


Three ‘generation’ in one bowl – salmon, salmon roe and dried salmon flakes

Shibetsu Sake Sandai Zuke Don

Shibetsu-cho, a coastal town facing the Sea of Okhotsk, is home to one of the largest salmon fisheries in Japan. Shibetsu Sake Sandai Zuke Don is its specialty rice bowl dish, in which fresh, locally-grown salmon and its roe marinated in sweet soy sauce and bonito broth, and dried salmon flakes are served on top of rice. The scallops also caught in Shibetsu adds smooths and sweet flavour to the dish. Using specialty rice made in Takikawa City, it is a bowl full of deliciousness of Hokkaido.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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