Gomadashi udon


“Gomadashi”the knowledge of fishermen, and the very first invention of an instant food?

Gomadashi udon

Put “Gomadashi” on cooked udon noodles and pour hot water, then it is ready to eat. This is a tasty noodle dish born in the town of sea, Saiki. Gomadashi is made by mixing grilled white fish called eso with shoyu and miso. This dish was invented by fishermen as a preservative food, and it could also be prepared anytime you want in a few minutes by pouring hot water on it. It is said this was invented when there was a big catch of eso, and fishermen tried to find a way to store them for long and cook them easily. Other kind of fish such as iwashi and aji are used for gomadashi instead of eso today.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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