Ayu Tsukemen


An orthodox dish of grilled ayu – the fragrance will stimulate one’s appetite

Ayu Tsukemen

Hijikawa is a river that flows through Ozu, a city that is also called “little Kyoto of Iyo”. One of the local specialties is ayu tsukemen, a dish where ayu (sweetfish) caught in the fresh waters are used. It was supervised by Mr Shuhei Nakagawa, owner of a popular ramen noodles shop “Mensen Shoyubo Shuhei” in its invention. The stock is made of grilled ayu, which makes the soup slightly fragrant with a taste of fish. Curly dried noodles are used in order to go well with the soup. The springy noodles matches the grilled ayu flavored soup and you cannot help wanting more. Retort soup is sold so that you can bring the taste home and enjoy.

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