Tekone sushi


Made by mixing well with hands. A traditional cuisine by local fishermen

Tekone sushi

This is a kind of traditional sushi made with lean fish such as bonito and tuna marinated in shoyu-based sauce, mixed with vinegary sushi rice. Garnish it with ooba, ginger and seaweed as a condiment. It is said that Shima area is the origine of Tekonezushi, and was originally prepared by fishermen who had only a little time to prepare food and eat while fishing onboard. They brought vinegary sushi rice onboard, marinated the chunks of bonito, and mixed them well with the sushi rice by hands. Since there are many working women as a diver in that area, this food has become a staple dish as it does not need much time for preparation. Tekone sushi is still popular and served as party food today.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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