Kakinoha sushi


A colorful "omotenashi" dish of a traditional cisine

Kakinoha sushi

This is kind of oshi sushi made with salted trout on a persimmon leaf, and it was born from the ancestors' wisdom to preserve trout and keep it tasty with salt and vinegar since it was difficult to get fresh fish in Chizucho town which was far away from ocean. Kakinoha sushi is a colorful dish of pink from the trout and green from the leaves, served at special occasions such as obon and festivals, or when having guests home. Tannin from the persimmon leaves and sansho (Japanese pepper) served on the side enhance the preserving and antiseptic effects.

Recipi of cuisin

[ Portion: 120 pieces, 1.5 salted trouts ]

  • masu1(1.5kg)
  • Water2 litters
  • Konbu20cm
  • Sake100cc

[ Sushi vinegar ]

  • Vinegar300cc
  • Sugar230g
  • Salt2 tbs
  • Mirin50cc

[ 1.5 salted trout ]

  • Vinegar to soak fish100cc
  • Sugar5 tbs
  • Salt1/2 tea spoon
  • Japanese pepper or Japanese pepper tree leaves120
  • Persimmon leavesmore than 120
Cook rice with water, konbu and sake.
Prepare vinegar for sushi. Mix all the ingredients and let sugar and salt melt in low heat. Do not boil the mix in order to sustain vinegar flavor.
Filet salted trout into 3 pieces, remove skin, fish meat with bloody color and fin. Wash with vinegar and water mix (vinegar 1, water 2) to remove oil from the fish.
* Freeze the cleaned fish in order to slice it later
Prepare vinegar mix with vinegar, sugar and salt to soak the fish in. Slice the fish 3, soak them for 2-3 seconds with vinegar mix to flavor it . (Do not over soak to prevent from changing color)
Once rice is cooked, put them in Sushi Oke (special wooden container to prepare sushi), add Mirin and sushi vinegar. Mix it carefully like cutting the rice (do not mash them), let it cool to make them shinny.
Take 30g of sushi rice and hand roll softly. Add fish 4 and Japanese pepper or leaves, place it onto persimmon leave and press it softly from above and below.
Place all the sushi on Oke or other dish without spaces between and cover them with more permission leaves. Place stone weight and let it rest for a half day.

Information provided by : Tori Net: Gourmet capital Tottori


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