Ami Daikon


A luxury delicacy of Setouchi

Ami Daikon

This is a dish of opossum shrimps, white radish and ginger, stewed with sugar, sake and soy sauce. The taste is a sign of autumn for the area of Setouchi, It is assumed that the dish derived from combining white radish and autumn opossum shrimps, a kind of sakura shrimps, which both comes out during the same season of the year.

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  • opossum shrimps400g
  • white radish1本
  • sakeosaji2
  • soy sauceosaji4
  • sugarosaji3
Wash shrimps in a basket and wash well with water. Drain the water.Remove the skin from white radish and cut into quarter slices.Put sugar, sake and soy sauce (3osaji) and bring to boil. Add shrimps and white radish. Place drop lid on top and boil gently.Add 1 osajiof soy sauce when white radish is soft and bring to boil.

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