The 6th time Saitama class B this place gourmet king play-off victory menu


The hometown food transmitted to Kawashima-cho where I divide the one with which the summer vegetables which are sesame, cucumber, perilla and Japanese ginger, etc. based on fermented soybean paste were balanced by an earthenware mortar by cold water and soup stock, make it pickle, put noodles with this and eat from the past. It's easy and is eaten better between busy farming in Kawashima-cho where rice growing is popular from the old days "SUTTA, and" but it has been inherited. Gem of fact guaranteeing when having no appetite in hot summer in particular, appetite is developed by the refreshing fragrance of the condiments and the flavor of the sesame, and which becomes the healthy body which isn't also defeated by suffering from the summer heat in the high nutritive value of the vegetables and the sesame in fresh summer.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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