Sweet potato noodles, the old fashioned way


This dish is named after a man, Rokube, who is believed to have invented this dish to prevent the people of Shimabara peninsula dying of malnutrition in a time of famine. Sweet potato flour is mixed with grated yams to make the noodles, and the broth is flavored with soy sauce and a bit of green onion. Simple country flavors.

Recipi of cuisin

for 1 persons

  • Sweet potato powder100-120g
  • Spring onion1/2
  • Yam40g/Save some for toping
  • Fish cake3 slices
  • Half an eggHalf an egg
  • Stock1.5cup
  • Water1/4 cup
  • Soy sauce4 teaspoons
  • Mirin1 teaspoon
  • Cooking wineas needed
Peel yam and grate. Slice spring onions finely and slice fishcakes into thin pieces. Make stock. Add sweet potato powder to grated tam and mix, add water and make dough.
Spread dough out to 0.5cm thickness and wrap in plastic film and leave in fridge for 1 hour. The dough is soft so it may be an idea to freeze it, to make it easier to cut. Cut dough into 0.5 – 1cm long pieces.
Make golden egg threads.(Yuzurin’s recipe. Look at my golden eggs!)
Boil water in pot. Place cut dough inside, and scoop uo when done. Place stock on heat and flavor with soy sauce, mirin and sake. Add dumplings into the soup in a serving bowl. Add spring onions, golden egg threads, fish cakes and grated yam.

Information provided by : Nagasaki Prefecture Agricultural Department

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