Sanma no Sumiso-ae


Flavouring vegetables and vinegared miso paste adds new texture to fresh sashimi of sanma pacific saury

Sanma no Sumiso-ae

Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture is known for its huge fishing industry, and is home to a port with one of Japan’s largest catches of sanma pacific saury. Autumn brings fat sanma as they have plenty to eat in northern water, while they are less fatty and not so suited for grilling when caught in summer. The low-fat, summer sanma is often eaten raw, as sashimi or tataki (chopped and mixed with garnishes). People of Ofunato have eaten its sashimi topped with vinegared miso paste and with plenty of garnishes such as shiso leaves, leek and myoga ginger. The plump texture of fresh sanma matches the crisp garnishes and refreshing taste of vinegared miso.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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