Kani Ryori (Crab cuisine)


Tasty and juicy crab meat with a good chewy texture

Kani Ryori (Crab cuisine)

Kasumi town is known for its production of crabs, Matsuba crabs and Kasumi crabs in particular. “Kasumi crab” is also called “Beni zuwaigani (Red Snow Crab)” which is caught off the coast of Kasumi in Japan Sea, and it is popular for its juiciness and sweetness. Crab meat might be good for fried rice, but the best way to enjoy its flavor is to boil. It might be a bit hassle to dig up the meat out of the shells, however it is worth trying to taste the juicy crab meat. There are also must-have dishes of crabs such as “Kani nabe (crab hot pot)”which makes rich rice porridge with its condensed crab soup, and smoky“aburiyaki (grill).”

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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