Shimonita leek dish


With the food texture made fatty tuna through the fire.
Of the dish which can realize the peculiar sweetness, variously

Shimonita leek dish

When the "Shimonita leek" which is also called "lord leek" by one of brand vegetables from Gunma is boiled in a pot, it's valued highly between the gourmets by the characteristic that the peculiar sweetness goes out. I can receive well for sukiyaki, seafood and vegetables in broth, rice-planting dance of baking leek, soup containing rice cakes and a dish of Shimonita leek croquette, leek bean paste and leek hot water using this characteristic. The food texture which was made fatty tuna even if it was baked even if it was boiled, and abundant sweetness go out of the thick Shirone part of "central Shimonita leek" in the end of November in the time when the frost which is season falls-December, and it's very delicious.

Information provided by : Gurunabi (picture: Shimonita konnyaku sightseeing center corporation)

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