Buri Kombu Maki


Yellowtail rolled in kombu seaweed, gently simmered till tender

Buri Kombu Maki

Buri Kombu Maki refers to pieces of yellowtail rolled in kombu seaweed and tied with dried gourd strips, simmered in soy sauce, sugar and mirin sweet cooking rice wine. The yellowtail is said to taste best at its breeding season, which varies depending on the habitat. In the ocean around Hokkaido, the breeding season begins in early winter, and the yellowtail caught during this season, known as kanburi, is especially tasty. The firm flesh of yellowtail goes perfectly well with kombu seaweed, taking in the sweet flavour of the sauce. It is a great accompaniment for a bowl of freshly-cooked rice.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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