Ayu Dishes


Sweetfish of Biwa Lake has no bad smell. The way to eat differs each season

Ayu Dishes

Ayu (sweetfish) is also called “kogyo (fragrant fish)” from its unique fragrance. The light and elegant taste makes it one of the best river fish. Some ayu stay in Biwa Lake without going upstream, and they do not become as big as those that go up. These ayu are called “koayu”. The young fish of winter called“ice fish” are best as kamaage (straight from the pot), a little bigger koayu of spring are best as tsukudani (boiled down in soy), and bigger koayu of early summer are best as tempura. Other ayu dishes such as ayu zosui (porridge), grilled, or dried overnight can be enjoyed according to the season. The lake fish of Biwa Lake is a kind of freshwater fish, but does not have a bad smell at all.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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