Suduke Rakkyo


Handmade pickled rakkyo, rich in minerals

Suduke Rakkyo

This rakkyo produced in Kagoshima Prefecture are pickled in kurozu, brown sugar from Miyako Island and home-grown lemons, and you can enjoy the exquisite combination of rich and sweet tastes and refreshing flavor of lemons. Rakkyo is pickled with salt made from sea water that is rich in minerals, and ryokyo gets slowly fermented with lactic acid. The rich flavor of rakkyo zuke is given by the lactic fermentation. Once lactic fermentation is over and rakkyo becomes brown, the next process is cutting off the sprouts and roots off rakkyo called "ryogiri." After ryogiri is done, rakkyo is desalted in water and with running water of the ground water from the foot of mountains in Kirishima, and is adjusted the salinity to 3% in 2 days. Suduke rakkyo is finally done after carefully been peeled one by one.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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