Ishigaki mochi


The farmer's snack which can be made easily

Ishigaki mochi

It was often made with rice cake with sweet potato as small noon when I eat during farming from winter to spring. That sweet potato is rugged, for the seen state to seem to be a stone wall, it's called stone wall rice cake. It's made with the prefecture length and breadth, in the other areas, a potato, because because it's possible right now if I cut deep, "I cut deep and have it." a potato is kneaded, and it forms right now if it's crowded, there are "kneading crowded rice cake" etc. and various nicknames. How to cut it and the quantity of the flour of a bumpkin in addition to the name are also different, and the food texture is also various by an area.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Flour3 cups
  • Salta little.
  • Sweet potato1 cup
  • Baking powdera little.
  • Sugartablespoon 4
Baking powder is added to flour, old water and salt are added and it's kneaded about an earlobe.
※ Stone wall rice cake with the firmness uses starch, not baking powder at the prefecture north, and doesn't inflate so much, and is made.
Sweet potato is cut into small dice, 1. A dumpling of diameter 4-5cm as well as the medium which is so is made.
It's steamed for about 20 minutes by a steamer.

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