An important preserved food for the farmers


Tutokko is a traditional dish from Chichibu region. It is similar to Chimaki but Tutokko uses two Japanese horse chestnut leaves instead of bamboo leaves. Each family used to prepared for the seasonal festival in May. Also, farmers used to make this dish as a preserved food before a busy season for farmers.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Rice800g
  • Azuki beans160g
  • Japanese horse chestnut leaves (middle and big size)60 leaves
  • Rice straw30g
Wash rice and soak it over night with water. Cook Azuki until soften but not too mushy * Half rice and half sweet rice can be good as well instead of all rice.
Wrap drained rice and Azuki with Japanese horse chestnut leaves and tie them with a rice straw.
Lay them on the pot and add water until they are covered. Cook for about an hour. Check it to see if it is soft by pressing it by fingers.

Information provided by : Reference given by: Saitama traditional local food recipe book


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