A lord, "I'm happy.", appreciated red snapper rice


The dish which was made when a tying net of red snapper was popular at Kitsuki before, and I often got red snapper. Using the fish cheap instead of expensive red snapper in now, it's made, "of URE SHI", but it's left in Kitsuki and Kunisaki area widely. Because you said "I was happy." every time it was said that it was lord's favorite of Kitsuki feudal clan, and this dish was served, you say that the name to which I say "of URE SHI" stuck. You apply hot tea break, but even if I eat just as it is, it's good.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • red snapper sashimiAbout 20 pieces
  • I cut and take it andsuitable.
  • Japanese horseradishSuitable.
  • Gingersuitable.
  • Ricesuitable.
  • Green teasuitable
  • Sesame50g

[ A ]

  • Sweet rice cooking winetablespoon 2
  • Sashimi soy saucetablespoon 3
  • Soy saucetablespoon 2
  • Sugartablespoon 1
  • Soup stock90cc.
90 cc of soup stock passed thick is used in A with seaweed and trepang.
The sesame which was often roasted is improved until oil comes out by an earthenware mortar.
I make them brought to boil and dampen together with A. The taste depends on a manufacturer, so the amount of the soy sauce adjusts.
Sauce is made together with sesame and 3.
※ When not pickling red snapper, it's possible to preserve it for about 10 days at a refrigerator.
Red snapper is cut into sashimi and 4-5 minutes is pickled to hang down. Only that sauce is necessary, I cover red snapper.
Sauce is poured over the warm rice heaped on a container just slightly, red snapper, you can line up radially. A little, sauce is poured over it from the top. It's cut, laver is given a ride, ginger is added by Japanese horseradish and a taste and it's completed.

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