Shiso-maki Umezuke


Refreshing flavour of plums and apricots wrapped in red shiso leaves

Shiso-maki Umezuke

When red shiso leaves placed in layers are soaked in plum vinegar and pickled with salt, the contained anthocyanins turn the leaves bright red because of the acid. Shiso-maki Umezuke is umeboshi sour plums rolled in these leaves and pickled in sweet vinegar. People say that it was invented to keep the delicate umeboshi in its shape during transportation at the time of the Russo-Japanese war. In Tsugaru region, the locals have traditionally referred to anzu apricots as anzu ume plums, and have eaten them as umeboshi. That is why both apricots and plums are used for this local specialty. The refreshing, sweet flavour of Shiso-maki Umezuke is a perfect compliment to a cup of Japanese tea. It is also recommended when you have an upset stomach, or lack of appetite.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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