Himokawa udon


Super wide udon noodles like no other, a specialty of the wheat-producing prefecture

Himokawa udon

Himokawa Udon is an exceptionally wide noodle that is traditionally made in Kiryu area of Gunma Prefecture, which has a long history as a leading producer of wheat in Japan. One story says that the noodle took its name from Imokawa Udon, from which the famous kishimen noodle developed. Himokawa Udon, with its width ranging from 1.5cm to even 10cm, was originally served in Gunma’s specialty noodle dish called Okkirokomi. Despite being so wide, the noodle is as thin as 1mm, and its smooth texture is one of the reasons for popularity. It is served both hot and cold.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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