Kakinoha sushi


The best combination of mild-flavored sumeshi with fatty mackerels and salmons

Kakinoha sushi

Kakinoha sushi is a traditional dish of Asuka, which has been cooked at each home and served as a delicacy for festivals. Kakinoha sushi is made with specialties of different areas in Japan – mackerels from Yaidu, Shizuoka Prefecture and salmons from Hokkaido marinated with salt from Ako and kobu from Hokkaido, rice from Asuka town, all layered and wrapped in a persimmon (kaki) leave to give fragrance of it to sushi. Since Kakinoha sushi is such a specialty of this area, it is always served at the best taste by adjusting the seasonings to fish depending on the climate and temperature.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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