Tsurugi TKGY


A new local delicacy of tamagokake gohan arranged into onigiri!

Tsurugi TKGY

Tsurugi TKGY is a rice dish invented by the youth group of the Tsurugi Chamber of Commerce and Industry to promote the town by using its local products such as rice, water and shoyu. Tsurugi TKGY was named by taking the first letter of "Tamago Kake Gohan Yaki." As the names says this dish is a grilled version of tamago kake gohan with a savory aroma, or yakionigiri in a new style. There are three rules to cook Tsurugi TKGY. First of all, the rice must be produced in Ishikawa Prefecture, washed and cooked with river-bed water from Hakusan. Second, it must be cooked with brewed products from Ishikawa Prefecture (shoyu, miso, sake and vinegar). Third, it must be cooked with a slogan "T"sugaru "K"ara "G"enkito "Y"ukiwo! (good spirits and courage from Tsugaru!). There are also various kinds of arranged Tsuruga TKGY served at each store such as Tenshinhan style, omelet style, pizza style, and okonomiyaki style.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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