Kaburazushi (saba, Toyama Prefecture)


A local traditional dish with delicate and crunchy turnips made in Tokyama Prefecture and fresh saba.

Kaburazushi (saba, Toyama Prefecture)

Kaburazushi is a kind of pickled sushi made by putting fresh buri or saba between delicate and crunchy turnips made in Toyama Prefecture and pickling it in kouji. This is an indispensable local traditional food for autumn and winter. Since Echutoyamahan was separated from Kagakanazawahan, both areas have many cultural similarities, and Kaburazushi is one of the common local cuisines. Kaburazushi in Toyama Prefecture, especially in the western area, is made almost in the same way and in the same season as that in Kaga, however, there are also several differences from Kaga. Saba is often used for Kaburazushi, carrots are not cut into a shape of a flower, and turnips are cut into chunks rather than slices and mixed with fish in Toyama Prefecture.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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