My companies will gather at productive time of the autumn every year under Nanbu of Akita-ken, and there is a custom the Imonoko meeting" which makes and eats Imonokojiru " Imonoko excursion" will be. One of Akita's winter charming sights and an outdoor event in an area. I point at taro potato with " Imonoko". The soup by which the tastes of the autumn of chicken of the place, shiitake mushroom, wild vegetable and vegetables are many fullness toppings with taro potato as the main character for Imonokojiru. Local food like a ceremony of a seasonal festival of the cut which is thankful for profit in autumn, is glad and celebrates each other. A pot of Imonokojiru who made at a kitchen range in sokusei will be circled, and it's very cheerful gathering which exchanges a few cups of liquor, thanking this year's trouble each other.



Information provided by : Gurutabi


Local cuisine