Satsuma Jiru


A local specialty from Uwajima which can be easily eaten in summer

Satsuma Jiru

This is a local specialty of Uwajima that has been passed on since long ago. Grill and grate fish such as aji (horse mackerel) or eso (lizardfish), mix with baked miso, だしmade from sea bream bones, sliced こんにゃく and seasonings (citron skins, sesame seeds, spring onions, nori seaweed), and put it on top of cooked white rice. As it takes time to prepare the dish it is rarely seen in households, however it can be enjoyed in restaurants that serve local cuisines. The sweet flavor of the sea bream and the flavorful taste of the miso make a good combination, which makes it enjoyable even during summer time when people’s appetite are not very high.

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