Hoshi Amaebi


Not satisfied with fresh amaebi? For those who want to enjoy the taste of amaebi more, and more.

Hoshi Amaebi

Dried amaebi caught in Toyama Bay. Its bright red color without using food coloring shows that these Hoshi Amaebi were dried very fresh. Since Toyama Prefecture is known for its large production of seafood, people usually seek for "fresh" seafood, however, Hoshi Amaebi is what has been invented as a specialty made of freshness. Hoshi Amaebi is a delicacy that has richer flavor and more sweetness than fresh Amaebi, and there are many people who buy Hoshi Amaebi throughout Japan. Hoshi Amaebi can be eaten whole as a snack, ground Hoshi Amaebi can be used to make rich dashi, or can be used as furikake.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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