Wild dish with living crab


During winter to spring, crabs (Mozukugani, Dugani) are caught at Usa plains, a river of big and small flows to. These crabs are caught in the intervals of farming. It is called "Ganjiru" or "Ganijiru" which smashed to pieces with a stone mill, filtrated with a Syouke, and mixed with Takana. It wasn't made with a household any more, but there are now and the area which is being made with a meeting.
When this is eaten in the Kusu area, there is a legend voice becomes good for which.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • In whether it's a river, (living one)10
  • Salttablespoon
  • Takana3
  • Soy saucea little
I often wash in water, cut the stem of each 1 in water, put it in a mortar and kill in whether it's a river. If it's broken well, the water which is to the extent it's put on, is inserted and often massaged.
※ When there are no mortars. In water is poured over a blender.
1. is filtered by a basket and more remaining shells are pounded to a basket. It's filtered including water equally. 3-4 times repeats this.
The soup they were gathered is crossed again.
I put soup in a pot, put in salt and put over medium heat. It's mixed quietly from the bottom.
If soup begins to become impure, cut leaf mustard is put in and it's mixed quietly. When I boil, a body of crab is being attached to leaf mustard. When it's mixed, I don't touch any more so much, but when it isn't mixed, I remain unchanged, so the degree is often seen.
If soup is being clear, I make soy sauce boil little again, and heat is turned off.

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