Sardines marinated in Unohana (tofu refuse)


A Typical local dish from Kujyukuri region

Sardines marinated in Unohana (tofu refuse)

This dish can be made with anchovies, sardines or saury. It is prepared as a preserved food and as a food for everyday. It is normally cooked with sardines caught between November ad March and it is served in festivals and in new year celebrations.

Recipi of cuisin

[ A: Preparations ]

  • Anchovies1kg
  • Salt1/2 cup
  • Vinegar3 cups (for twice)
  • SugarA little

[ Unohana:Tofu Refuse ]

  • Okara (Tofu refuse)400g
  • Sugar200g
  • Vinegarenough to moist Okara
  • Chile pepper2
  • Roasted sesame1/2 cup
  • SaltA little
  • Yuzu (Japanese citrus) peel1 yuzu
Clean sardines by removing head, inner and bones. Add salt and let it rest for 2-3 hours.
Wash 1 with cold water and and marinate them with half amount of vinegar for 10 hours.
Add sugar to the rest of the vinegar to make vinegar mix. Drain the first vinegar and add vinegar mix and marinate for 10 more hours.
Roast Okara with vinegar and sugar in a thick frying pan or in a thick pot. Season to taste and let it cool. Once it is cooled, add Yuzu peels, cut chili pepper, roasted sesame and salt.
Drain vinegar from the fish and mix with 4

Information provided by : Shigeo Igeta

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