Bamboo shoot pickles


Preserved foods in the spring cut with easiness

Bamboo shoot pickles

It's wide as preservation method of bamboo shoot in souse and tofu refuse, and it's performed. The pickles which are cut with the one of the thing pickled easily are liked recently.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Bamboo shoot5kg
  • Vinegarsuitable
  • A pickled plum3
1 pickled plum is put in and boiled about 1 bamboo shoot, without lye.
Boiled bamboo shoot is given to a night basket and drained. This is covered with a washcloth and moisture is taken sufficiently.
It's put in the container by which it's for a bottle and vinegar is put in and preserved so that bamboo shoot may put it on.
When eating, it's soaked in water and one without vinegar is done about one night.
◎ After boiling, I have to cut enough water, mold sometimes forms.

Information provided by : AIchi folklore dish collection


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