Kanimaki shiru


A rich flavored fluffy soup cooked with fresh water crabs called "Yamatarou kani (crab)"

Kanimaki shiru

"Kanimaki shiru" is a traditional soup of Kitagou City in Miyazaki Prefecture cooked with fresh water crabs called "Yamatarogani" or "Mokuzugani." Yamatarogani is a precious source of protein in the area. Kanimaki shiru is cooked with live yamatarougani by crushing its legs and body in a mortar after the shell is removed, adding miso and water, and slowly heating up the mixture after draining it with a strainer. The soup forms fluffy lump like meringue due to the crab meat and butter, then the soup becomes clear. Various condiments such as ginger, negi and yuzu peels are added as you prefer. This is a traditional local soup with a very smooth and rich flavor.

Information provided by : Gururabi

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