Noppe Giru


The vegetarian food made with only vegetables

Noppe Giru

The vegetarian food transmitted to Yamakunigawa River basin. The soup which didn't put flesh and meat in and made with only vegetables. When there was a funeral before, women in an area made.
I say a vegetarian food, but I also go up to a usual dining table. There is an opinion to which they may come from a burial, but the name as "NOPPE soup" isn't certain.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

[ A ]

  • Carrot70g
  • Konnyaku50g
  • Thin fried tofu20g
  • Japanese radish80g
  • Burdock50g
  • Dry shitake mushroom (the one returned for water)30g
  • Green beans20g
  • Soup of dry shitake mushroom800cc
  • Awaguchi soy sauce25-30cc
  • Sweet rice cooking wine15-20cc
  • Starch15-20g
Dry shitake mushroom is rehydrated for water. The material of the 2
A is cut into bite size.
If a topping burns cut A with soup stock, and becomes soft, the seasoning is put in and the taste is arranged.
You can thrust at the body with water soluble putting starch.
The kidney beans boiled with salt favorably are made slicing and it's scattered.

Information provided by : The local food which would like to leave it for young men


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